The Patient Process

  • When you call Simon Moyes’ office you are greeted by a person, not an answer phone.

  • Every effort is made to see you that day, and to ensure you receive same day scans
    By the end of the day you can expect our diagnosis.

  • A treatment program set out for you. The need for surgery is low, around 20-25%.
    Our treatment programs include one or many of: Surgical treatment, or Non Surgical Treatment (Physiotherapy / Osteopathy, Injection, Splints etc.)

  • When you come to visit Simon in outpatients, you will meet his friendly practice nurse and see Simon on time. After the operation you should come back for consultations (on average twice) with Simon. After discharge, Simon is always happy to help with any problems or questions that may arise.

To book a clinical appointment call Simon's Clinical Secretary on
0207 323 0040 or 020 7483 5370.

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